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Кому і навіщо потрібна 1С: Підприємство?11123

Сергій Бондаренко, 1C:Підприємство / BAS розробник



One of the most common configurations of the 1C: Enterprise line is the Accounting for Ukraine configuration.

The program allows you to keep two types of accounting – accounting and tax in accordance with the TCU of Ukraine at small enterprises. 1C: Enterprise. Accounting is intended for use in organizations that use self-supporting chart of accounts and carry out various activities. The configuration allows you to solve all the problems of the accounting department. In this program it is possible to display the following business transactions:

  • Purchase of stocks / services – purchase of imported goods, increase in the cost of additional costs, return of goods to the supplier;
  • Sale of goods / services – wholesale, retail, commission sales;
  • Warehousing of goods – to complete and inventory of goods, post and write off surpluses;
  • Keeping operational records of the actual movement of the enterprise’s DS on current accounts and cash desks;
  • Currency settlements, reflection of transactions on purchase and sale of currency;
  • Carry out settlements with clients – inventory settlements, reconcile acts, transfer debts;
  • Make settlements with accountables.

The configuration includes the ability to keep records for multiple enterprises in one database 1C: Enterprise.

Such an organization of accounting allows you to automate enterprises whose activities are interconnected. It is clear that reporting should be prepared separately for each legal entity, but this approach to the organization of accounting allows you to use general lists of directories of the nomenclature, contractors, cost items, etc. To be able to do so, the user can keep records of various organizations in separate databases without restrictions.

Accounting allows you to customize accounting settings and accounting policies for organizations.

How do I get started?

To make it easy for the user to get started in the 1C: Enterprise configuration. Accounting for Ukraine, provided “Data Assistant”. It will help the user to fill in all the necessary information about the organization: accounting parameters, accounting policies, bank accounts, responsible persons of the organization.

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